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Anslow Knocks Rosliston off the top of the list !
on: Tue 23 of Oct, 2012 [12:47 UTC]  (14417 reads)
A recent flood of demand in the Anslow area has pushed Rosliston off the top spot for registered demand.
This means our service will come to Anslow sooner, as it will be surveyed first.

Our next survey visit will be around the first week of November, so not long to wait.

Remember, if you need our service then please tell us via "Contact Us" (top left of the site)
More coverage - Tatenhill , Rangemore, Callingwood, Rosliston , Caldwell
on: Mon 10 of Sep, 2012 [14:49 UTC]  (12243 reads)
3rd September 2012 - Tatenhill North went 'live'. This means all of Main Street is now covered and our installers have already connected customers there.

7th September 2012 - Callingwood Hall Farm Business Centre . Kijoma has provided the facility for our Super Fast service to all of the units there. Please contact us to enquire / order service.

8th September 2012 - Wilmore Lane, Rangemore now 'live'. As soon as our tests are complete, we will be instructing our installers to contact those who have requested service there.

Please note : Those who have read the Broadband entry in the recent Tatenhill Parish News, it falsely declares two of the areas above as 'not covered', amongst other vacuous statements.

The following have this week been successfully surveyed for our Super Fast service.

Sinai Park - Burton on Trent

Blakenhall Business Centre - Rosliston

The Forestry Centre - Rosliston (includes service for units on site - awaiting planning permission)

Bladon House School - Newton Solney (to be installed)

Pegasus School - Caldwell (installed)

Also other individual properties in the Burton on Trent area.

Areas with the lowest demand were left to last and sadly some of these failed to receive surveys within this timeslot.

Anslow, Caldwell , Hanbury , Newton Solney, Rosliston , Coton in the Elms
on: Tue 28 of Aug, 2012 [15:44 UTC]  (12765 reads)
We have received enquiries from all these areas in the last week, more demand is needed to justify placing one or more of them on our provisioning schedule.

If you live or work there or anywhere else in the area and need a decent Broadband service then please click "contact us" (see top left) and register your demand.

More coverage for Tatenhill
on: Mon 20 of Aug, 2012 [20:25 UTC]  (10847 reads)
While the installers are busy installing demand in the areas we cover, Kijoma's infrastructure team are addressing the areas still needing fill in Micro Relays.

One area is "Tatenhill North", this is encompassed by the Main Street North of the Church. This area is planned to 'go live' within a couple of weeks and we thank those waiting patiently for service while this work is ongoing.

We are also looking to survey for coverage outside the Tatenhill Parish too, so if you live in an area with poor Broadband and are within ~10 miles of Rangemore/Tatenhill then please click on "contact us" and register your no obligation interest now. The areas with the highest demand will be addressed first.
It's all well quoting 40 Mbps, but what will I actually receive?
on: Tue 14 of Aug, 2012 [19:51 UTC]  (3159 reads)
A common misconception is that Kijoma's service is like that received via phone lines and also via Fibre where the speed decreases with distance from the exchange/cabinet.

Here are some tests performed by a customer in Tatenhill on >

8/14/2012 2:13 PM GMT 109.205.158.xx 40.74 Mb/s 4.84 Mb/s 16 ms Coventry
8/14/2012 2:08 PM GMT 109.205.158.xx 41.64 Mb/s 4.84 Mb/s 21 ms Coventry
8/14/2012 2:07 PM GMT 109.205.158.xx 41.15 Mb/s 4.84 Mb/s 16 ms Coventry

They are on the Business Standard product at 40 Mbps download / 5Mbps upload.

This should dismiss that misconception.
Support and Subsidy
on: Mon 13 of Aug, 2012 [21:01 UTC]  (11092 reads)
The Parish Council and associated Community Group of Tatenhill have been deliberating about whether to provide a direct subsidy to customers towards installation and whether they will as originally promised, provide a contribution to the infrastructure costs. (£6000)

During this time Kijoma has been subsidising the installation cost for the initial orders so the rate was £80 (standard installs). We have also installed all the infrastructure at our cost.

On the evening of the 10th of August, the Parish Council met and decided to provide a limited subsidy direct to confirmed customers but the original offer to contribute to the infrastructure was withdrawn.

To this effect Kijoma can no longer subsidise the installation side to the same extent as we have to keep the "Return on Investment" period realistic.

The installation rate will therefore increase to £140 (effectively £80 after the Council subsidy) for new orders with standard installations. Existing orders will be honoured at £80 and can still claim the subsidy, reducing their bill to £20. Those who originally ordered then declined when it came to installation will be charged at the new rate if they decide to re-order.

£140 is still a Kijoma subsidised rate as it remains less than the cost of installation.

We apologise for this but ultimately we were mislead by the Parish Council and their Letter of Intent did not result in its intended outcome.
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