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Stage 1 complete
on: Fri 29 of Jun, 2012 [10:32 UTC]  (7555 reads)
Stage 1 is complete, the new service feed is active and all existing customers have been migrated from the old system.

If you need a 'Super Fast' capable Broadband service and are in the Green/Blue or Yellow areas on the map >

Then please fill out the contact form with your details. Service will be provided based on demand so the more in an area, the quicker we will get to you.
on: Wed 28 of Mar, 2012 [22:30 UTC]  (9312 reads)

From £13.99 a month

Kijoma Broadband in association with Tatenhill Parish Community Group are installing a NEW Super Fast Broadband system for Tatenhill and Rangemore. Providing actual speeds starting at a blistering download of Up to 40 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload available!

• Web pages load instantly
• Download music tracks in seconds
• Upload files 8 to 160 times faster than BT - up to 20 Mbps!
• Low ping online gaming
• Option to use Internet Telephone, No more BT line rental!
• Watch Iplayer, Youtube – Catch up on TV
• No connection to a BT line required for Broadband
• Video conference to friends and colleagues
• Work from home, save on travel , VPN compatible
• No dialling up and no time limits
• Free and emails available
• No need to change your existing email address*

Register your interest ASAP - 01283 617277 or click on “Contact us” top left of this website

Click "Read More" - for more details

  • Check with your existing provider to confirm your email account will remain after you leave (AOL, BT, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, all continue to work normally).

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